A National Program for NGOs, Schools, Companies, Institutions


  • Is designed to help  NGOs, Companies, Institutions, Schools, Kindergartens,  to learn more about fundraising and fundraising processes  It provides toolkits, know-how, informal  trainings. It is designed for those who wish to acquire a particular expertise, learn about the culture of a different sector, or learn how a skilled professional operates. The mentors enjoy a one-on-one relationship that is professionally relevant and meaningful.
  • Includes different packages for start, advance and expert
    Includes fundraising cycle audit, support in strategy and planning, recruiting fundraisers, induction and orientation for new fundraisers,
  • Consultancy and support, on daily basis, on phone, face to face, email
  • Dedicated trainings for your organisation
  • Evaluation, monitoring, toolkits, new campaigns concepts

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